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Center For The Cinematic Arts



"Ode To Passementerie"

Director: Luis Robledo

Director of Photography: Andres Solorzano

Production Designer: Milton De Paul

Edited by: Luis Robledo

Samuel & Sons

Rythmia Life Advancement Center

"Mrs. Moon's Medicine And The Ayahuasca Miracle"

Writer / Director: Luis Robledo

Production Designer: Alexandra Compuesto

Produced by: Luis Robledo & Alexandra Compuesto

Edited by: Luis Robledo

A short docu-mercial by CFCA, Inc.

"Yoga Moms"

Director: Luis Robledo

Production Designer: Charlene Bagcal

Director of Photography: Eduardo Servello

Produced by: Barbara Carrillo & Michelle Maher-Ford

Vaccine Injury Awareness League

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