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Based on true events, The Forbidden Cure, chronicles the early life and work of legendary, cancer-curing doctor, Max Gerson. Set in 1930s Germany, Dr. Gerson, a macro-focused doctor, bumps heads with local traditionalist bureaucrats who question his unconventional methods. Ryan McCartan stars as Dr. Max Gerson in this 13-minute short drama.


Finalist, Best Short Film at Burbank Int'l Film Festival 2018.

Dir, Luis Robledo

Produced by Nancy Kremer, Ryan McCartan & Kammy Kenman

The Forbidden Cure (Drama, 13 mins)

The True Meaning of Love marks Mexican acting legend, Karyme Lozano's first foray into directing. It tells the story of an elderly woman in her last moments before dying.


As she reflects back on her life, she focuses on one particular moment -- the moment that changed everything. In a few short minutes, viewers will appreciate the sacredness of life in all its stages, and the meaning of true love: giving of ourselves to others.

Dir, Karyme Lozano

Produced by Karyme Lozano & Luis Robledo

The True Meaning Of Love (Drama, 8 mins)

Three individuals who are at the end of their rope, find themselves at The Retreat seeking answers in order to heal and move on with their lives. Through the guidance and wisdom of Joseph Boatman, they each come face to face with the truth and are invited to accept responsibility for their destinies.


The film stars Geoffrey Rhue, Desean Terry & Marian Zapico.

Winner, Merit Award Of Awareness at Awareness Film Festival 2017

Dir, Luis Robledo

Produced by Luis Robledo, Hank Jacobs & Jeff Hohimer

The Retreat (Thriller, 15 mins)

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