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Order a beautifully-packaged DVD of The Song That Calls You Home for yourself, or for a loved one!


The DVD includes:


- The 72-minute documentary with subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian & Russian


- Mini-Featurette: The Art of the Medicine (featuring Alexandra 'Sasha' Compuesto, Cvita Mamic, Vanni Mangoni, Tony Moss & Luis Tamani)


- Mini-Featurette: Ayahuasca, The Law & The Future (featuring Foster Gamble, Dennis McKenna, Joseph T. Rhea, & Sita Sitaramaya)


- Coming Attractions


Ships out December 21st, 2020.


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  • The Song That Calls You Home is a feature-length documentary on Ayahuasca & Shipibo Shamanism. 

    Written and directed by Luis Robledo & Vanni Mangoni

    Produced by Alexandra 'Sasha' Compuesto

    Total Running Time: 70 min. 

    The film features Dennis McKenna, Foster Gamble, Kimberly Gamble, Dr. Joe Tafur, Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, Maestra Estela Pangoza & many more!

    The movie also features exquisite artwork by Vanni Mangoni & Luis Tamani, an original score by Luis Robledo, and original icaros by Maestra Estela Pangoza and Maestro Ricardo Amaringo