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Pre-Order a beautifully-packaged DVD of The Song That Calls You Home for the SPECIAL LOW PRICE OF $17.95! (Priced at $24.95 as of December 1st)


The DVD will include:


- The 70-minute documentary


- Extra behind-the-scenes material


- Additional interview material from selected contributors


- The entire 1-hour premiere panel from the film's release featuring the filmmakers, as well as three of the experts featured in the film, discussing Ayahuaca and master plants.


Ships out December 21st, 2020.


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  • The Song That Calls You Home is a feature-length documentary on Ayahuasca & Shipibo Shamanism. 

    Written and directed by Luis Robledo & Vanni Mangoni

    Produced by Alexandra 'Sasha' Compuesto

    Total Running Time: 70 min. 

    The film features Dennis McKenna, Foster Gamble, Kimberly Gamble, Dr. Joe Tafur, Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, Maestra Estela Pangoza & many more!

    The movie also features exquisite artwork by Vanni Mangoni & Luis Tamani, an original score by Luis Robledo, and original icaros by Maestra Estela Pangoza and Maestro Ricardo Amaringo